November 13, 2021

Thank You, Southbury

We write to thank Southbury residents for voting in this year’s municipal election, and for placing trust in us to lead and serve this town over the next two years.  We hope to meet expectations as we work hard to build upon past successes and address challenges ahead.  

Thanks to all candidates on both sides who sought to serve this wonderful community, and thank you to all who participated in our election effort.  We are proud of our entire team.  

We now come together as Southburians to collaborate as a Board, with our colleagues, in the hope to find common ground and consensus on issues important to Southbury residents, striving to address issues not from a place of partisanship, but with a focus on what is in the best interests of our town.  We promise to work hard to maintain Southbury as an ideal town in which to live, work, raise a family and retire while continuing to move Southbury forward. 

We also congratulate Marion Manzo, Heather Rodgers, and Tom Marks, and wish them much success as they begin their new terms as members of the Region 15 Board of Education.  

Congratulations to the entire Row B team and all candidates who will serve Southbury over the next two years.  

Thank you, Southbury!  Let’s get to work. 

Jeff Manville, First Selectman

Jason Buchsbaum, Selectman

Greg Kuehn, Selectman-elect

Holly Sullivan, Selectman-elect