August 7, 2021


We write to thank all those who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in the Southbury Republican Caucus last week, and to thank the Caucus for endorsing our team of candidates.  Many spectators also attended, and we are hopeful that they liked what they heard and will remain involved in the electoral and governmental process.  Our team put forth a positive message focused on professionalism, respect, and collaboration.  We believe our town is looking for nonpartisan leaders who listen, learn, engage respectfully, collaborate with others, and come to decisions in the best interests of our community.  We outlined various successes of the past, not as an ending point of the discussion, but as a springboard to move Southbury forward.  We bring to the table experienced leadership on the Board of Selectmen, coupled with new candidates with a fresh perspective, know how, and professional backgrounds that will benefit our Board’s dialogue and decision making.   

Thank you also to the RTC, Town Clerk, Registrar and all those involved in managing the logistics of the Caucus, which smoothly accommodated over 300 voters in a short time period.  From First Selectman to Region 15 Board of Education, and every board and commission in between, the Republican Caucus endorsed a strong slate of forward-looking leaders.  We are proud to share the ballot with them in November.  

In the coming months, we look forward to a spirited, uplifting, and positive campaign with our Democratic neighbors about Southbury and its future.  

Through this process, we hope to earn the vote of all Southbury residents regardless of party affiliation on Election Day (November 2, 2021).  

Jeff Manville, First Selectman

Jason Buchsbaum, Selectman

Holly Sullivan, Selectman Candidate

Greg Kuehn, Selectman Candidate 

Republican Candidates for First Selectman and Board of Selectmen