October 1, 2021


To the Editor:

As we head into this election season, I’m reminded of an old familiar saying, “there’s simply no substitute for experience.” If you are a resident of Southbury, you’ve seen the experience of our local leadership pay huge dividends.

You’ve seen our leadership deliver on responsible budgets that provide excellent services without mil rate increases. You’ve seen improvements to roads, bridges, parks and buildings. You’ve seen new business open on Main Street, and critical new staff added to Town Hall, greatly improving our development environment. You’ve seen our town successfully navigate tornadoes, hurricanes and a pandemic.

In the past year, hundreds of new families have flocked to Southbury for all of the reasons above. Best of all, years of hard work and vision by the First Selectman Jeff Manville, his chief financial officer and our Board of Finance have been recognized by Moody’s with a Aa1 bond rating, the best in its class.

The leadership of the Manville team has been recognized not just by Southbury residents, but leading financial experts as well.

So why now are there calls for a change in leadership? What is the case to elect Mr. Manville’s opponent, who not only lacks government leadership experience, but has only lived in Southbury for two years? What do we stand to gain as a community, and more importantly, what do we risk losing by changing course from a successful administration to that of a first timer who does not have a compelling vision for the future of Southbury.

Please join me in staying the successful course in Southbury by supporting Jeff Manville, his selectmen slate, the Republican Board of Education candidates and the entire Republican team on Row B on Tuesday, November 2.

Mark E. Lancor