2018_05 Curaçao

What was supposed to be a trip to Vegas to participate in the Badass Dash (which was very cryptically canceled for unknown reasons) has now morphed into what should be a very relaxing vacation in Curaçao.

Never been there before and very excited to see a new caribbean island, we’ve situated ourselves on the northwest part of the island, secluded and peaceful, this is how I’m going to ring in my 47th birthday – perfect!

Plans include snorkeling, relaxing, snorkeling, relaxing, snorkeling, and relaxing.  Somewhere in there will be eating.

No detailed itinerary, I’ve planned just enough of the trip to establish what I need and leave the rest open to discovery and adventure.

One week in tropical paradise, I cannot wait.

**Update 10/28/18

I’ll let a few photos speak for themselves if you’re wondering if going to Curaçao is worth your time, money, effort, etc…


Lots of great memories.  A great trip to have substituted for my 47th birthday and our Vegas Badass Dash that got canceled.  I can’t let this post go without giving anyone out there a head’s up about traveling around Curaçao.  I think a lot of people prefer to stay with a hotel and maybe grab a bus or some kind of tour to venture out beyond Willemstadt.  That’s never been my style and although I think there are places in this world where that kind of trip is necessary, for reasons of safety and security, Curaçao is definitely not one of them.  

Although our travels around the island never came with any issues, we were warned about being wise to stay away from certain areas.  I can tell you where ever we went, I didn’t ever let my guard down.  We did end of being the victims of some crime, but only to the car we rented.  No issues with people, otherwise.  The house we rented has to be one of the best houses on the island.  All the way out on the west side in Soto, we were in a very isolated area.  All but a few locals live nearby, which was comforting when things went wrong.  The place didn’t have a driveway area.  So we had to park on the other side of the street, in a little dirt pullout in front of what was “woods” (scrub brush, etc).  One of the days, we chose to spend the whole day at the house relaxing.  It was a super day.  Some time between the last evening and that evening around 6p, the front end of the car was stripped!  We didn’t even realize it getting into the car.  It was only pulling away, that the scraping of parts on the ground caused me to stop and investigate.  Imagine getting out of the car and seeing this…


I can tell you that it’s been a very long time since I’ve ever felt like a victim of anything.  Thankfully, neighbors stopped by, offered their support and explained that this is really the extent of the common crime you see throughout the “ABC islands”.  Car parts.  They don’t want to hurt people, they don’t want your belongings.  They want your rental car parts.  Ok – I can live with that.  I half laugh, because nearly all my friends and family laughed saying, “they stripped your KIA RIO?!?”

All is well.  The biggest crime for us was the time that was stolen from our trip.  In all, close to 10 hours invested in dealing with the issue.  We basically lost a day because of it.  Like I said, all is well.  

I mention this not to dissuade you from traveling to Curaçao or anywhere around the island.  I mention it because I would encourage you strongly to pay for the supplemental insurance on the car rental.  There are other ways to be insured for this kind of thing, but paying the extra cash will save you a ton of time and having to front money to pay for repairs before being reimbursed for it. 

So the trip was definitely an adventure.  We vacationed in Curaçao a little differently than anyone else I know, staying in a house in an otherwise very quiet part of the island.  We snorkeled a TON and loved it – got to do some open water swimming and exploring, away from the beach, which we haven’t done much before.  We relaxed like rock stars, visited a new place, learned a little more about traveling, and always looking forward to our next adventure.