Texas Gravel Biking

Although I don’t think this cycling genre applies exclusively to Texas, there are some insanely excellent gravel trails to bike throughout the Lone Star State and I am absolutely going to do this one day.  First thought is hill country or possibly some serious flatland riding through remote regions.  Would be nice to couple with a river or stream crossing where you might be able to swim.

Google Images: Texas gravel scenic trail

Trans-Siberian Railway

On the must-do list… a trip to Siberia because I don’t know many people that would actively seek out this part of the world.  

And a link to an old mainstay of inspiration to travel off the beaten path – Lonely Planet.


Asian Carp Fishing in Peoria, Illinois

Another “Reluctant Outdoorsman” find on the Outdoor Network.  Asian carp fishing on Peoria Lake / Illinois River.  The festival is held in Bath, IL although it is clear there are nearby towns that now offer charters, adventures and experiences that will surely make you happy learning this completely bizarre way to help catch this invasive species.

peoria asian carp festival

When they say they fly, they weren't kidding
When they say they fly, they weren’t kidding